For years I have had an obsession with light. Light on the figure, the landscape, object and all things. The Italian expression, “Chiaroscuro,” meaning the play of light, describes this perfectly.

My Olympic work has enabled me to meet and paint some of the world’s finest physical specimens, in the form of athletes. This mirrors the artists of the ancient Greeks who have always been an inspiration to me and helped to create my initial idea of Official Olympic Artist, which I was appointed in 1982 by the British Olympic Association - the first for any country in the world in the history of the modern Olympic movement.

My idea was a reaction to the appointment of official war artists when, in 1982, the British sent a war artist to the Falklands’ conflict. I thought, why appoint an artist to glorify death and destruction in a war zone when life and beauty at it’s utmost could be recorded at the Olympics? The rest is history. In 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics, Visa International sponsored me and thus gave my position a viable financial credibility.

The public mural work I create are personal favorites as they reach wider audiences than gallery or museum exhibitions.

All commissions and sales prices are available on request.
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